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    Petr Baker 06 - Book - Celebrating Canad

    Peter E. Baker's book brings to life Canadian history & how antiques can be incorporated into a contemporary lifestyle.

    Celebrating Canada

    CADA - News Release 05 - 2019 Cabin Feve

    Kingston Global Morning Show host interviews CADA member Elleke Claasen about the Cabin Fever Winter Antique Show.

    Elleke Claasen  Interview

    CADA - 2019 Antique Show - Poster - Revi

    The 1st annual National Capital Antiques, Art & Design Fair will be coming November 8, 9,10 2019, Tudor Hall, Ottawa, Ontario.

    National Capital Antiques, Art & Design Fair

    CADA - News Release 01 - Halifax Collect

    A Halifax collector's final dying wish to dealer Jack Craft was to find the best possible home for a rare Tulles table.

    $10 000 Table

    CADA - News Release 04 - Obituary Pic -

    Marian Hahn Bradshaw legacy lives in a number of Canadian firsts.  In 1967, Marian created the nationally recognized Canadian Antique Dealers Association.

    Founder of CADA

    CADA - News Release 03 - CBC Interview G

    CBC radio host, Giacomo Panico interviews antique dealer Ernest Johnson's career change.

    In Town and Out

    CADA - News Release 06 - Favourite Room

    The Globe and Mail Newspaper  has published an article "It's All Fun & Games" about Fred (CADA President) and Emily Rizner's living room of antiques.

    Living History

    CADA - News Release 03 - CBC Interview G

    With Giacomo Panico

    A new antique show hits Ottawa this weekend. And this one includes a vetting process, meaning experts check to make sure what the vendors are selling matches what they're saying it is.
    Aired: Nov. 9, 2019